Hybrides #6 - Food for thought

14 juillet 2019

The creative mixing and matching of ingredients — that’s what food is. And that is why it is the hybrid par excellence. In this, our first English episode, we talk with Gitanjali Roche, culinary writer and entrepreneur, about the Paris food scene, the burgers, the new wave bistros, the star chefs, and Instagram. 


Episode notes

About Gitanjali Roche


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gitanjaliroche/

Op’n Kitchen, unique cooking classes and culinary experiences

750 g, receipe website

Ecole Ferrandi, French gastronomy and hospitality management school

Paris recommendations


Breakfast in America, Blend, Big Fernand, PNY,

Italian food

Big Mamma, Eataly


Ze Kitchen Galerie (chef : William Ledeuil)

Uma (chef : Lucas Felzine)… which will sadly close soon

Botanique (chef : Sugio Yamaguchi)

Virtus (chefs : Chiho Kanzaki and Marcelo di Giacomo)

Frenchie (chef : Grégory Marchand)

Café du coin (chef : Florent Ciccoli)

Zero waste gourmet

Refettorio, solidarity restaurant in the crypt of Madeleine church

Freegan Pony, first associative and participative cantine in Europe

Pastries and ice creams

L’Eclair de génie (chef : Christophe Adam)

Une Glace à Paris (chefs : Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Ménard)

London recommendation

Lima London is the creation of world-renowned Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez and his partners, Gabriel & José-Luis Gonzalez. Robert Ortiz, Virgilio’s longtime friend, runs the kitchen.

Special thanks to Louise Hourcade, the artist who did the cover art for this episode.